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The Rosie B's Story

As a child, I always had some kind of craft project going. Sometimes it would be pictures that you would glue colored stones to, or colored gems and POOF--I was an artist.

 Anyone remember the "Velvet Elvis".  You know the black velvet canvas you would string neon thread from point A to point B.  While I never "strung" a "Velvet Elvis", I do rememeber some kind of bridge.  Loved to color....OK I still do enjoy coloring now and then.  I tried to crochet , I tried knitting--not for me.  Made candles, sewed curtains.  I made shirts for my new hubby and son.  I even tried to sew a necktie once.  Made clothes for the girls and dresses for myself.  Enjoyed baking.  My hubby and the kids are crafty, too.  Then home-schooling came into our lives...for 9 years.

Fast forward to February 2014.  The kids are grown with lives and  families of their own.  I decided I would like to try to make candles again.  So after some research, I purchased supplies and ingredients.  I stumbled upon the Smelly Jars, they were a hit.  Then, I found a lip balm recipe that I tweaked a bit.  I handed the lip balm samples to anyone I came in contact with.  ANYONE!!! They loved that these were Hand-Crafted, Natural products, with no artificial preservatives.  Feedback was: "I love these, do you make anything else? and do you have a website.?" all in the same breath.


Well, here it is.  Thanks for visiting, it is appreciated!

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